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Sunrise Brocante Coat


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Introducing the Sunrise Brocante Coat—a mesmerizing creation inspired by a clandestine sunrise adventure in the heart of Provence.

This coat is named after a hushed morning escapade, paying homage to the hidden treasures discovered at the local flea markets. Picture an early morning moment of magic and sworn secrecy, where I stumbled upon a circular floral pattern adorning a delightful brass compact mirror.

Crafted with this enchanting design, the Sunrise Brocante Coat captures the essence of that serene morning discovery. Each intricate detail reflects the artisanal elegance found in Provence's hidden gems—a tribute to its quiet markets and timeless allure.

More than just a coat, it's an embodiment of that magical morning, inviting you to infuse your wardrobe with the charm of Provence. Wrap yourself in its elegance and warmth, wearing it as a testament to refined style and captivating artistry.

Carefully cut and meticulously crafted in my San Francisco home studio, this coat is a fusion of dedication, artistry, and attention to detail. From the pattern intricacies to the luxurious comfort, it's a wearable piece of Provencal elegance.

Ready to embrace the allure of Provence in your wardrobe? Step into the Sunrise Brocante Coat and experience timeless charm and comfort today.


Size S/M

Chest: 42”

Length at center back: 27”

Sleeve length: 26”

Upper arm circumference: 17”

Recommended chest: 28” - 36”

Fits XS-M/L

Size M/L

Chest: 50”

Length at center back: 29”

Sleeve length: 29”

Upper arm circumference: 17”

Recommended chest: 36” - 48”

Fits M/L+ recommended for broader chested and/or bustier folks


Chest: 58”

Length at center back: 29”

Sleeve length: 29”

Upper arm circumference: 21”

Recommended chest: 50” - 60”

Fits XL+