Small Dishes - Lacoste


Discover the Lacoste Pattern Small Dish—an homage to Lacoste's architectural strength through ironwork that's seen centuries pass.

Ever traced the lines of history in iron? Lacoste, with its medieval buildings bolstered by resilient ironwork, inspired this pattern. This ironwork can be seen walking up the cobblestone path to the top of the village. It was on the windows of my dear friends’ and colleagues’ ateliers. And this pattern really is for them, for all of us. For the 7 of us that shared an experience living together, working on brand new collections, in beautiful cave ateliers in the heart of Provence. 

Crafted during those beautiful days in the village of Lacoste, this dish demonstrates the fortitude of Lacoste's historical allure. Each piece echoes the enduring grace of that ironwork, weaving its story into a contemporary piece with a medieval twist.

Built to endure, this small dish thrives through everyday use. Dishwasher, microwave, and oven safe, it adapts seamlessly to your routines without losing its timeless charm.

Crafted proudly in San Francisco, this dish is a blend of tradition and innovation, poised to grace your table, shelf, versatile for any room in your house. 

Elevate your daily moments with the Lacoste Small Dish—a tribute to Lacoste.