Small Dishes - Checkered


The Checkered Pattern Collection—a timeless classic that holds a special place in my creative journey.

This pattern? It's where it all began—a nod to my creative roots and the beauty found in simplicity. Whether adorning throws or ceramics, the checkered pattern embodies the essence of my earliest design explorations.

Versatile and enduring, this pattern infuses a sense of familiarity and comfort into every piece. From cozy throws for your favorite cuddle sessions to ceramics that effortlessly blend into your daily rituals, the checkered motif stands as a testament to enduring charm.

Each piece proudly carries the mark of my craft, meticulously crafted right here in San Francisco, preserving the authenticity of its timeless allure.

For ceramics: Hand wash with mild soap and avoid abrasive cleaners.

Elevate your space with the timeless elegance of the Checkered Pattern Collection—a tribute to the essence of simplicity in design.

Rediscover the charm of classics today with the Checkered Pattern Collection.