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Chateau Martinay Throw


Introducing the Chateau Martinay Throw—a captivating piece inspired by the breathtaking lattice work observed at Chateau Martinay during a dear friend's magical wedding.

This throw encapsulates the romance and elegance witnessed in the chateau's intricate lattice patterns. Imagine those timeless lattice designs, whispers of history and grace, now woven into the very fabric of this throw.

Crafted with the same sophistication and allure, the Chateau Martinay Throw brings the charm of Provence's architectural marvels into your home. Its intricate design mirrors the captivating lattice intricacies, offering a touch of refined grace to your living space.

More than just a throw, it's a tangible homage to the elegance and romance of Chateau Martinay. Every thread carries the essence of enduring beauty and refined style found at the chateau.

Meticulously crafted in my San Francisco studio, each throw embodies dedication, artistry, and attention to detail. With its exquisite design and comforting embrace, it's a testament to enduring elegance and coziness.

Care Instructions: To maintain its softness and allure, simply machine wash and tumble dry on low heat.

Bring home the romance and sophistication of Chateau Martinay with the Chateau Martinay Throw—a touch of timeless elegance for your space.