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Chateau Martinay Coat


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Meet the Chateau Martinay Coat—a captivating creation inspired by the exquisite lattice work at Chateau Martinay during my dear friend's enchanting wedding.

This coat is a homage to the intricate lattice patterns observed at the chateau, translating that elegance into wearable artistry. Picture the captivating lattice work, whispering tales of timeless beauty and romance, encapsulated into the intricate design of this coat.

Crafted with this captivating inspiration, the Chateau Martinay Coat embodies the refined allure of Provence's architectural marvels. Each stitch and contour pay homage to the lattice intricacies, infusing your wardrobe with the same sophistication and grace found at the chateau.

More than a coat, it's a wearable ode to the elegance and romance of Chateau Martinay. Every detail—from its meticulous craftsmanship to its luxurious comfort—mirrors the essence of timeless beauty and refined style.

Carefully crafted in my San Francisco home studio, this coat is a fusion of dedication, artistry, and attention to detail. With its exquisite design and comfortable embrace, it's a testament to enduring elegance and warmth.

Ready to weave the elegance of Chateau Martinay into your wardrobe? Wrap yourself in the Chateau Martinay Coat and experience the grace and sophistication of Provence today.