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Apt Coat


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Meet the Apt Coat—a timeless sweater coat crafted to embody the allure of Provence, handcrafted with care and artistry.

Imagine wandering through the winding streets of Apt, discovering captivating ironwork whispering tales of the region's history. It was amidst these sun-soaked moments that the Apt pattern came to life—a pattern that now graces the elegant silhouette of the Apt Coat.

Each coat is a culmination of dedicated craftsmanship and attention to detail. Designed with the same care and precision as my ceramics, the pattern intricately woven into every stitch echoes the charm of an ironwork piece discovered on one of Apt's cobblestone alleyways.

This pattern was designed during my sun-drenched days in Provence, the Apt Coat reflects the timeless allure of the village—a piece that not only embraces European charm but also encompasses functionality and style.

Imbued with the ethos of the Apt Collection, where luxury meets purpose in every creation, this coat is meant to be treasured for its enduring elegance and warmth.

Each coat is carefully cut out by me in my San Francisco home studio, and then is sewn downtown San Francisco by an extraordinary seamstress. Each piece is a testament to quality, craftsmanship, and lasting comfort. Every coat is slowmade, handmade with care. It's more than just a sweater; it's a symbol of artistry and elegance—a modern heirloom for your wardrobe.

Ready to embrace the rustic elegance of Provence? Wrap yourself in the Apt Coat and experience the timeless charm and comfort today.


Size S/M

Chest: 42”

Length at center back: 27”

Sleeve length: 26”

Upper arm circumference: 17”

Recommended chest: 28” - 36”

Fits XS-M/L

Size M/L

Chest: 50”

Length at center back: 29”

Sleeve length: 29”

Upper arm circumference: 17”

Recommended chest: 36” - 48”

Fits M/L+ recommended for broader chested and/or bustier folks


Chest: 58”

Length at center back: 29”

Sleeve length: 29”

Upper arm circumference: 21”

Recommended chest: 50” - 60”

Fits XL+