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Terrazzo Planter - Red


Terrazzo Vessel - Black

Measures approx. 5x5 inches

Beautiful terrazzo styled vessel, does not have a traditional drainage hole, but definitely could be used as a planter if you throw some rocks in the bottom of it.

A peek into my process: These pieces are made with a lot, a lot, a lot of love nd care. Each piece begins as a wide flat slab of clay. Then thin pieces of three other different clay bodies are torn and shaped and placed on top of the slab. They are then pressed into the clay body, left to dry just a bit and then I form them into a vessel, or a catch all or whatever three-dimensional form they will be. And those are just the first few steps!

After they dry out I then start the first round of surface work. In the first few steps the different colors of clay can get smeared and don’t make for a believable terrazzo. They can look a little bit smudgy. So once they’ve dried out a good bit, I remove the top layer of clay to get super crisp shapes. Then they dry out completely and are bisque fired.

Then, after the bisque firing, I sand the surface of every piece. With at least two grits of sandpaper. Again to insure all of the little shapes are super crisp, and also to get rid of the tool marks from scraping the surface before they go in the kiln.

Finally, after they are all sanded (twice!), the insides are glazed and they are fired once more. It’s a long and laborious process. But I think the final product is worth all that extra care.


~*all ceramics are food safe, dishwasher safe, plant safe, oven safe*~ 
All handmade by Anne Gates in San Francisco, California in an eco-friendly green community studio that recycles clay, water, and glaze