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Full Moon & New Moon Mugs


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Full Moon & New Moon Mugs

16oz cups

Hand-thrown ceramic mugs. A perfectly celestial addition to your home. 

A love them as a mismatched pair. Feel free to mix and match them. All of the New Moon mugs have handles on the left, and all of the Full Moon mugs have handles on the right.

As with all of my wares, remember to think of these cups as sisters and not twins. There are slight variations in them to remind you that they were made with real hands by a real person.

Limited run! I don't have any plans to work in black clay for the rest of 2020.

~*all ceramics are food safe, dishwasher safe, plant safe, oven safe*~ 

All handmade by Anne Gates in San Francisco, California in an eco-friendly green community studio that recycles clay, water, and glaze