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Small Dishes - Sunrise Brocante


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Meet the Sunrise Brocante Tray—a charming addition born from a clandestine adventure in the heart of Provence.

This pattern is named after a hushed sunrise escapade with a dear Provencal friend, Sunrise Brocante pays homage to the hidden treasures of the local flea markets. In an early morning moment of magic and sworn secrecy, I was invited to a market and uncovered this circular floral pattern adorning a delightful brass compact mirror.

Crafted with this enchanting design, the Sunrise Brocante Tray embodies the essence of that serene morning discovery. Each intricate detail reflects the artisanal elegance found in Provence's hidden gems—a tribute to its quiet markets and timeless allure.

This tray is more than a piece—it's a glimpse into that magical morning, inviting you to infuse your space with the charm of Provence. Use it to display your cherished treasures or as an artful addition to your home.

Care Instructions: Easy to maintain—simply hand wash or place in the dishwasher for convenient cleaning.

Crafted through a meticulous process, each tray is handcrafted, the pattern painstakingly laid out, and kiln-fired in my San Francisco studio, ensuring a touch of Provencal elegance in every piece of this collection.