Oleander Vase


Let me introduce you to something special—my limited series of Oleander Vases, here for the holiday season. Picture this: seven beautifully delicate vases that not only look stunning but are also totally functional.

Each of these vases is a labor of love. Every flower is hand-sculpted and placed with absolute intention, capturing the soft, ethereal vibe of Oleander blooms. They're not just decor—they're a small batch of sophistication, a subtle hint of luxury.

They're perfect for showcasing your favorite blooms or standing on their own, adding a touch of refined elegance to any space. And between you and me, here's a little secret: more vases might come next year, but for now, these seven are the stars of the show.

Elevate your decor game with the limited series of Oleander Vases—a touch of refined beauty in a small, exclusive batch, here just for the holiday season.