A little bit more about the artist...

Artist Biography

Anne Gates is a recent graduate of Savannah College of Art and Design. She studied Fiber Arts with a concentration in Fine Art.

So far, in her short career, she has found success. She has shown and sold work at the 30th Annual Smithsonian Craft Show as well as the 35th Annual Philadelphia Museum of Art Craft Show. She was also featured as an invited artist at Savannah's Butcher Gallery.

Anne Gates was juried into the Grand Rapids Art Museum out of 900+ Artists in the Fall of 2012 as a part of ArtPrize. Just a few months out of her Undergraduate studies, she was the youngest of the 21 artists exhibiting at the GRAM. She was voted into ArtPrize's Top 100, and Detroit Free Press listed her work in their Top 10 of ArtPrize. 

Her work consists of unconventional embroidery, and sculptural objects. She uses a monochromatic color palette, but what she lacks in color, she makes up in careful detail. This attention to detail, as well as her patience, is most apparent in her Motivation series, in which she has embroidered actual egg shells. She has an affinity for fragile materials, and challenges the definition of a fiber artist. Her pieces explore the nuances between home and place, growth and fear, and above all else explores human motivation. Every piece shares a hint of a moment, of a memory, and every opportunity a connection.

Artist Statement for Motivation

In an exploration of human motivation, looking at the push and pull of impulse, desire, and ultimately decision-making, commonalities are discovered. There is a willingness and need for personal wholeness, for strong and meaningful interactions. Every connection is an opportunity. What drives these needs and wants is sometimes manifested as a darker motive. In these times we forget that we are part of a larger collective, then the individual’s needs are put before that of the whole. These themes are presented through the use of contrasting materials, of obsessive labor and through the object; the eggshell that was never meant to remain unbroken. 

Spring 2012

Anne Gates (in makeshift shared apartment/living room/studio) photographed with "World's Ugliest Sofa"